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Zamarelli Realty Commission Agreement

A Virtual Brick-and-Mortar Model VBM


Zamarelli Realty has been a well known name in the real estate industry since 1937!  We are excited to announce our newest business model and it is nothing but exciting for the agents who join us. The company is a VBM model… part brick and mortar and part virtual which allows more money to be paid to its agents. It is still beneficial for many agents and customers to come to a physical place of business especially seeing our new office social concept. The office is a place to relax, have coffee or juices and socialize. A private room is also available for agents to meet with their clients. The atmosphere is cozy, classy and meets the needs of today’s agents and clients.


1. Super 7 – Zam Agents are on a $7,000 cap! The $7,000 cap can be broken up at the most amount of 70% to you. Ex.. Your first closing brings in $3,000 total commission.  This full $3,000 can be split 70% / $2100 to you and 30% / $900 to the office.  (Your goal is to reach $7,000 to the office)  This option allows you to make great income as you close your transactions until you reach the $7,000 cap.  You may option to take less of a percentage to meet this $7,000 goal.  All associates who reach the $7,000 cap will start their next anniversary year at $0 earned. Anniversary year being the date of this signed agreement.  Once Super 7 is reached, you are at 100% commission until your anniversary date!!!!!

How can you get to Super 7? Only $23,333 in TOTAL commissions gets you there! Super 7 will take you to 100%!

Agent Attraction: Earn 5% revenue share per referred agent until they cap (Super 7) 

Agents eligible must be active in the company with at least one closed transaction in 6 months.


3. Zam Cafe: The office will have a coffee/juice snack bar called the Zam Cafe.


4. Errors and Omissions (E&O) Insurance is paid by Associates one time for the year.  This amount is $200 per year. Option: Associate may wish the amount of $250 to be deducted from his/her first closing if agreed upon. 

5. A $275 transaction fee will be deducted from each total commission prior to split with Associate.

6. $275 yearly registration fee. (includes business cards, website, announcement, social media and personal branding review and more!)

7. Company assigned referrals. sales, leases and referred listings will be at a referral rate of 25% to the office.
8. The Commission Schedule is subject to change without notice by management of Zamarelli Realty LLC.


Take home 100% of all commissions once you hit Super 7 

Earn even more if you attract agents to the company!

We want to see you succeed! We are here to work with you to see you grow and profit! 


E&O ANNUAL Please select:   1. Total $200 pay now ____ 2. Total $250 pay out of first closing ____
Registration Fee: 1. $250 ________


Agreed to this _______day of  ___________________________, ____________ 


By: ______________________________ Zamarelli Realty LLC


By: ______________________________ Associate Signature 


____________________________ Associate Printed Name

Prepare to Transfer Your License 

Listings and pending transactions

  • Allow current listings to expire 
  • Try to close pending transactions before moving 
  • Refer to your independent contractor agreement and/or your companies policy and procedure manual for details about how the company handles listings and sales when an agent leaves. 
  • The Ohio Division of Real Estate says if there IS NOT clearly defined policy, then the broker is obligated to pay the agent as they would have normally been paid. 
  • Download and remove your contacts/clients from your company CRM/database.

Notify Your Current Broker

We recommend you always try and leave on good terms.  Writing a nice email asking the broker to send your license back to the Ohio Division of Real Estate is needed.

Ohio Real Estate License Transfer Requirements & Process

Step 1: Complete the Transfer/Reactivation Application

1.) Completed Salesperson Transfer/Reactivation Application  
2.) Check for $34 payable to “Ohio Division of Real Estate”
3.) Send to the Ohio Division of Real Estate (mail or walk-in2 Options): 

6606 Tussing Road
P.O Box 4008
Reynoldsburg, OH 43068

• (Check Ohio Licensing Center to find your license status)

Step 2: MLS

New brokerage will fill out and send the Roster Change form to MLSNow 
Discuss belonging to the YCAR board and update appropriate forms if needed. 

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